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Stop being nasty to patrons in chat!


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I've only been on this site for a little while now. I blow off a little steam in the chat room and immediately im shut off from chat and support. What the hell kind of site is this? You are the nastiest and worst #j

o lie to your patrons about how fair everything is here and it's anything but fair! When I play an ethereum coin in Keno and not one single move wins, and that's not an exaggeration either, that is far from randomly picked! Also when almost every last move on the wheel when working a formula put in on auto is a losing move, tell me, is that very randomly picked. NO! IT' S DELIBERATELY PICKED! Give us a break already! I've messaged two different admin members and not one response back on when I get unbanned from chat and support. I don't know, but if you tell me, blocking someone from chat especially is a sign of them being shady and trying to hide something they don't want revealed.... just saying...

In the mean time admin members, STOP BEING A  BUNCH OF NASTY JERKS WHO WANT TO RUIN PEOPLE'S GOOD TIMES ON HERE AS WELL AS THEIR WINNINGS! You're not doing anything but showing us all how much you want to not only ruin our good times but also how mean, evil, and nasty you all really are! Also, tell me when and the hell I'm unbanned  from chat! NM

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